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Religious Council of Jerusalem asking secular court to annul the decision of the Chief Rabbinate Council


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13 Tammuz 5765 - July 20, 2005

Jerusalem Religious Council Petitions High Court Against Appointment of Rabbonim
By Betzalel Kahn

The executive board of the Religious Council of Jerusalem filed a High Court petition against the appointments of HaRav Binyomin Adler and HaRav Yosef Efrati as the rabbonim vested with the exclusive authority to issue kashrus certificates to businesses in Jerusalem.

In their petition the heads of the Religious Council are asking the High Court to annul the decision of the Chief Rabbinate Council to invest the two rabbonim with sole authority over kashrus certification in Jerusalem.

The reports on the unprecedented step by religious figures to turn to secular courts to oppose prominent rabbonim stirred irate reactions. Rabbonim and public figures said the move sets a dangerous precedent since in the future other organizations might follow the example of petitioning the High Court against rabbinical bodies. "If they go to the High Court against rabbonim this institution can no longer be called a `religious' council," said rabbonim and public figures.

"The fact that the Religious Council turned to the High Court to oppose granting authority to the rabbonim poskim shlita," they continued, "proves that the current executive board of the Religious Council does not operate in accordance with norms accepted in religious and chareidi communal affairs. Perhaps the directors of the Religious Council would like to grant kashrus certificates in Jerusalem with High Court backing. It is also clear proof all the stores, businesses, hotels, etc. under the Jerusalem Religious Council are not under any kashrus supervision whatsoever and of course this constitutes a tremendous stumbling block for the public."

At a meeting of the Degel HaTorah directorship convened at the office of Deputy Minister Rabbi Ravitz to discuss the issue, MKs Rabbi Ravitz and Rabbi Gafni presented the board with the grave facts, saying religious issues in Jerusalem and numerous other locations around the country where Likud activists are "appointed" to handle religious services are being further aggravated as rabbonim and religious functions are suffering blows unknown since the State was founded.

Rabbi Ravitz and Rabbi Gafni called this conduct an abomination. The Degel HaTorah board sees these moves, particularly the most recent move, as a new situation to be handled in the most severe manner due to the government's estrangement from kodshei Yisroel. As such Degel HaTorah plans to take steps to formulate unambiguous proposals to be presented to gedolei Yisroel in light of the new situation that has emerged.


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