Friday, July 01, 2005

Police suspect a 40-year-old man residing in yeshiva sexually assaulted students; several students confirm suspicions


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Sex crime in ultra-Orthodox community

Police suspect 40-year-old man residing in ultra-Orthodox yeshiva attacked students; several students confirm suspicions
By Eli Senyor

Shephelah sub-district police have launched an investigation into the sexual assault on students at a prominent ultra-Orthodox yeshiva.

Ynet has learned that several yeshiva students have testified in the case and verified suspicions that a 40-year-old man who resides in the yeshiva sexually assaulted them.

The man was taken in for questioning.

Police told Ynet the investigation is complicated, as it was difficult to reach the abused children because the ultra-Orthodox community is a very closed one.

“This is a very sensitive,” a police source said.

The ultra-Orthodox community has expressed its indignation regarding the fact that police have not updated them on the details of the investigation.

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