Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Exclusive: Rabbi Mordechai Tendler gets public letter of support from friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Could Towards Tradition be RMT's next home?


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for more information on Rabbi Daniel Lapin see:


Well this answers the question of what's next for RMT after the bais din and KNH:
Towards Tradition.

It's a long winded letter, but here is a very short excerpt:

Dated March 21, 2005
Rabbi Daniel Lapin

It is late and I am writing these thoughts down under the combined influence of exhaustion, anger and fear for the future of American Judaism. I am also recording these thoughts as I do while writing a speech rather than as I would while trying to craft an article or column, so forgive the way it reads - I am focused on rythym and cadence as on substance. I had a long talk this night with RMT and feel more strongly then ever that someone needs to stand up and by sheer force of will bend the synagogue into a bulwark of defense. I also feel strongly that neither he nor his wife should be subjected to the indignity of appearing before the shul board to issue denials or anything else.) Failure to do all this will not save but doom the congregation. Failing to resist would also grant power over life and death of an independent congregation to the RCA or any other Jewish membership organization whose leadership could be usurped by men of ill will at any time.



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