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Drew Sanders, assistant executive director of the Staten Island Jewish Community Center, charged with 23 counts of third-degree sexual abuse


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Community stunned as HS coach charged with spanking players

Drew Sanders
July 7, 2005

A Staten Island coach and community figure has been arrested on charges of spanking teenage boys if they missed their basketball shots, officials said.

Drew Sanders, 49, of 50 Turf Rd. in the Heartland Village section, was charged with second-degree attempted assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, 23 counts of forcible touching, 23 counts of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Authorities allege that on Monday, Sanders, who is an assistant executive director of the Staten Island Jewish Community Center, pulled down a 15-year-old boy's pants and slapped the boy in the behind with a wooden paddle.

That boy told authorities that the incident happened multiple times -- with Sanders throwing him over his knees and pulling his pants down while slapping him -- between June and September of last year, and again between April and July of this year.

Another boy contacted by police confirmed he too was victimized in June 2004.

Investigators said three other boys have come forward with complaints on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Everybody is stunned, it's hard to believe," said Ruth Lasser, a spokeswoman for the Staten Island JCC. "He's a wonderful family guy. We love him. We're hoping that the allegations will prove not to be founded."

The JCC put Sanders on temporary suspension, officials there said.

The 6-foot-6, 250-pound Sanders is a married father of three.

He works as a Public Schools Athletic League basketball coach at Tottenville High School and does summer camp coaching at Susan Wagner High School.

Department of Education spokeswoman Kelly Devers said Sanders, not a full Department of Education employee, has been put on the "ineligible" list, meaning he can no longer be hired by the department.

"We've informed the schools that he should not be allowed to enter," Devers said.

Sanders faces at least up to 4 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

Jul 10, 2005
S.I. High School Coach Arrested For Allegedly Spanking Players

A high school basketball coach at a school on Staten Island is under arrest for allegedly spanking two 15-year-old male players for missing shots and could face up to four years in prison if convicted.

Police say over the course of the past year, several incidents took place at the Jewish Community Center in Greenridge where the accused, Drew Sanders, is an assistant director. Sanders, 49, is also an assistant basketball coach at Tottenville High School.

Police say the last incident happened Monday when Sanders used a paddle to spank one of the boys and caused a minor injury. Another alleged spanking took place at Susan Wagner High School.

Sanders was arrested Tuesday night and faces several charges, including sexual abuse, attempted assault, forcible touching and child endangerment.

A judge set his bail at $5,000 during a court appearance on Wednesday.

Sanders has been suspended by both the Department of Education and the JCC. The JCC says it is cooperating with the police investigation.

Coach Arrested For Spanking Boys Who Missed Shots
BY BRADLEY HOPE - Special to the Sun
July 7, 2005

A Staten Island high school basketball coach has been arrested for allegedly spanking two 15-year-old boys after they missed shots during practice, police officials said yesterday.

Drew Sanders, 49, was charged at Staten Island criminal court yesterday with assault, 23 counts of forcible touching, 23 counts of sexual abuse, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Bail was set at $15,000.


Basketball Coach Accused of Spanking Players
Published: July 7, 2005
A high school basketball coach on Staten Island who is also an administrator at a community center has been charged with sexually abusing at least two basketball players by pulling down their shorts and spanking them, sometimes with a wooden paddle and often with a bare hand, the authorities said yesterday.

The abuse began more than a year ago and the latest incident occurred on Monday, according to the Staten Island district attorney's office.

The coach, Drew Sanders, 49, was arrested at 9 p.m. on Tuesday and was arraigned yesterday afternoon on charges of forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse and other charges.

Bail was set at $15,000, which Mr. Sanders paid with the help of a bail bondsman.

Still dressed in the white basketball shoes, blue warm-up pants and gray athletic shirt that he was arrested in, Mr. Sanders said little in court, turning at one point to nod at his wife and daughter.

He took a deep breath outside on the steps of the courthouse after he posted bail. Then he and his wife, Cheryl, sprinted past waiting reporters.

Mr. Sanders answered only one shouted question. When asked how he had pleaded, he turned and said in a strong, throaty voice: "Not guilty!"

Mr. Sanders is an assistant coach of the boys team at Tottenville High School. The district attorney's two-page complaint mentions incidents at Wagner High School and at the Jewish Community Center at 1297 Arthur Kill Road, where Mr. Sanders is an administrator.

Two spanking incidents are cited at Wagner in June 2004, and at least 22 incidents were cited at the community center between June 2004 and April 2005, as well as the incident on Monday. The names of the basketball players making the allegations were inked out in the complaint.

Mr. Sanders' lawyer, Mark J. Fonte, called the accusations "absurd." On basketball teams, he said, teenagers can fend for themselves.

"That a 15-year-old would allow a man to spank him?" Mr. Fonte said. "The height of absurdity!"

Lewis Stolzenberg, executive director of the community center, told reporters that he had suspended Mr. Sanders.

He added, however, that he was shocked by the allegations and that the coach was "a well-loved, beloved guy."

"He's been at the community center for 16 years and never had a problem," Mr. Stolzenberg added.


High School Coach Accused Of Spanking Players

By Eyewitness News' Carolina Tarazona
(Stapleton, Staten Island -WABC, July 6, 2005) — A high school basketball coach from Staten Island is under arrest - he's accused of spanking players when they missed shots.

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Cops: Coach went
over the (foul) line


A Staten Island basketball coach was arrested for an unorthodox approach to teaching free-throw shooting: He gave cash to boys who made them and spanked those who missed, authorities said.
Drew Sanders, 49, had no comment yesterday after pleading not guilty to charges that included sex abuse and attempted assault. He allegedly spanked two 15-year-old boys on numerous occasions over the past year in an office at the Staten Island Jewish Community Center.

Police sources said he made them pull down their shorts and usually spanked them with his bare hand, but that "at least once he used a wooden Ping-Pong paddle."

Sanders, assistant executive director of the center, struck the bizarre bargain with the boys before they took the shots, a law enforcement source said. If they hit the shot, they got $10. If they missed, Sanders, who has worked at the center for at least 16 years, allegedly took them into his office.

Sanders, who also was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, weapons possession and forcible touching, was released on $15,000 bail. His attorney Mark Fonte said the boys' story doesn't add up.

"If I was a 15-year-old and someone tried to spank me, he'd get a punch in the nose," Fonte said.

The alleged cash-for-baskets deals applied to impromptu shoot-arounds, not events tied to Tottenville High School, where Sanders was an assistant basketball coach.

"No one can believe there's any merit to the allegations," said David Sorkin, also an assistant director at the Staten Island JCC.

A law enforcement source said one of the boys told his parents, who called cops. Three more victims have come forward, and more charges could be filed this week, sources said.

Sanders, a married father of three, has been suspended from both the community center and the $7,000a-year Tottenville coaching job he has held for eight years. He was arrested Tuesday night at his home in the Heartland Village section of Staten Island.

If convicted of the attempted assault, the most serious of the charges, the coach could face up to four years in prison.

"If the stories are true, it's quite disturbing," said the mother of an 8-year-old boy enrolled in summer camp at the community center. "But we have to be careful not to rush to judgment."

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>Drew Sanders, JCC assistant
>executive director, is director
>of the games,

Triple Threat At Maccabis
First-ever Games here to feature S.I. hoops-playing triplets.
Steve Lipman - Staff Writer

Next week’s JCC Maccabi Games no doubt will have a triple play — in basketball. The Buxbaum triplets, a familiar sight for seven years on intramural teams at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island, are members of the center’s basketball team in the international event hosted by the JCC Aug. 20-24.

One of five Maccabi Games conducted this summer in cities across the United States, the Staten Island competition, the first-ever in New York City, is affiliated with the worldwide Maccabiah sports movement.

Some 1,100 boys and girls aged 13-16 will participate in the Games. Visiting athletes will be hosted by more than 400 families in the borough’s Jewish community, including the Buxbaums. Alan and Ellen Buxbaum will house five teens.

Alan, a wholesale meat distributor and longtime basketball coach at the JCC, also is on the Maccabi executive committee. And the couple’s oldest son, Scott, 17, will serve as a volunteer.

The triplets — Craig, Eric and Michael, 14 — will carry the torch in the opening ceremony Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Sportscaster Warner Wolf will host the event. Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani are expected to attend.

The Buxbaums are the only known set of triplets from the New York area entered in the Games.

“I thought it would be a very good experience,” says Eric.

Adds Michael: “It seems very exciting to play against kids from around the world.”

The brothers, ninth-graders at Tottenville High School, have been training this summer as campers at upstate Camp Monroe. Camp director Stanley Felsinger is a former basketball star at Columbia University.

More than 5,500 young athletes from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Israel, Australia and Venezuela are participating this summer in the JCC Maccabi Games. The other host cities are Tucson, Ariz; Boca Raton, Fla.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Richmond, Va.

With the theme “B’Tzelem Elohim” (In the Image of God), each Maccabi is running a Day of Caring and Sharing, volunteer work in the local community.

The Staten Island competitors will spend Thursday morning playing an array of games with 300 developmentally and physically handicapped youth at the College of Staten Island, former site of the Willowbrook State School. The games and clinics will be preceded by sensitivity orientation sessions.

“To the best of my knowledge, no other national sporting event of this magnitude takes time out of the competition to do community service,” says Lenny Silberman, JCC Maccabi Games continental director. “It gives our kids a chance to give back to the community.”

The Maccabi Games are part of an effort to strengthen Jewish identity through sports, in competitions outside of Israel, outside of the quadrennial Maccabiah Games. All communal meals are glatt kosher, and the opening ceremony at each event this summer includes a memorial to the 11 Israeli Olympians murdered at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

The first Maccabi Games in this country was held 18 years ago in Memphis. The number of participants has doubled in the last five years, with a significant increase in female athletes.

Events at the Olympic-style games include basketball, track and field, baseball, swimming, soccer, tennis, in-line hockey, table tennis, volleyball, bowling, softball, racquetball, chess, golf, dance and gymnastics.

Most of the local events will take place at the College of Staten Island on Victory Boulevard, with soccer games at Miller Field on New Dorp Lane and in-line hockey at SportsFest on Mill Road.

Games are free and open to the public; call (718) 981-1500.

The Maccabi events are conducted according to the “Rachmanus Rule” of fair play – no embarrassing a weaker opponent: no trashing, no taunting, no trouncing.

“Having fun, keeping Jewish kids connected to their JCCs, along with developing a better society, are some of the goals behind the JCC Maccabi Games,” says Stephen Reiner, continental chairman. “The teenage years are fragile. In order for teens to overcome obstacles and succeed in life, they must have memorable, exciting activities that help them form a solid foundation.”

The Maccabi competition, says Lenny Krayzelburg, a leading Olympic swimming prospect and past Maccabi Games gold medal winner, “gives youngsters a chance to meet and compete with athletes from all over the world and to make friendships that will last the rest of your life. There’s also a major focus on fair play — respect for each other.”

The Games have the endorsement of other prominent athletes — Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug was involved in this summer’s events in Tucson, and former Knicks star Walt Frazier will take part in the opening ceremony and the Day of Caring and Sharing clinics.

Thursday’s closing ceremony will be at the Statue of Liberty.

The Games’ cost of $800,000 was raised from local organizations, businesses and individuals, says Lewis Stolzenberg, JCC executive director.

“The general community supports [the Games], as well as the Jewish community,” Stolzenberg says. “It’s good to see teens doing something constructive.”

Drew Sanders, JCC assistant executive director, is director of the games, and Dr. Mark Sherman is lay chairman.

The competition will bring 3,000 to 4,000 parents of Maccabi athletes to Staten Island, Stolzenberg says. “It’s good for business. It’s good for Staten Island pride.”

Nationally, the Maccabi Games are sponsored by the JCC Association of North America, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel and Maccabi Canada. Coca-Cola is continental corporate sponsor.

For Alan Buxbaum, the excitement began three years ago, when the Staten Island JCC first considered hosting the games. “I already knew my kids would play in it,” he says.

Buxbaum plans to watch as many events as possible. “I’m taking the whole week off from work.”

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July 7, 2005
New York Post

A sleazy Staten Island high-school basketball coach has been arrested for abusing two 15-year- old players - by cutting a twisted deal in which he got to spank them when they missed shots, authorities said yesterday.

Law-enforcement sources said they are also investigating complaints from three other teen-age boys alleging abuse at the hands of Drew Sanders, 49, whom police arrested Tuesday.

Prosecutors say they have a recorded phone conversation between Sanders and one of the alleged victims, in which the coach admits to smacking him - although Sanders denies the charges.

Police said Sanders, a hulking man who coaches the Tottenville HS varsity basketball team, made a bargain with one of the 15-year-old boys to pay him $10 for sinking a tough basket - but spank him on the bare buttocks if he missed.

The abuse took place on 23 occasions over the course of 13 months at the Jewish Community Center in Arden Heights, where Sanders is associate director and supervises basketball programs, according to a criminal complaint.

In the latest instance, on Monday, a teen suffered minor injuries when Sanders bent him over his lap and smacked him with a wooden pingpong paddle instead of his hand, authorities charged.

Cops arrested Sanders, who is married with three children, at his home after that boy's parents heard the sordid tale from their son and called police.

During the investigation, police found a second 15-year-old boy claiming to have been slapped on the buttocks by Sanders during a summer basketball camp last year.

Neither boy plays for the Tottenville Pirates, which Sanders has coached to the playoffs in seven of the last eight seasons, but had enrolled in his basketball programs, authorities said.

Sanders was hit with 23 counts of forcible touching and sexual abuse, and several other charges.

He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was freed on $15,000 bail.

"That a 15-year-old boy would let a man spank him for missing a basketball shot is the height of absurdity," said defense lawyer Mark Fonte.

Sanders has been suspended from his 16-year post at the JCC and barred from his $7,000-a-year coaching job by the city Education Department.

"Not only was he not a problem, he was beloved by everybody," said Lewis Stolzenberg, executive director of the JCC of Staten Island. "I am just shocked."

FOUL! Drew Sanders, at court yesterday with wife Cheryl, allegedly spanked kids who missed shots. [Ron Romano]


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