Monday, July 11, 2005

Child molester Rabbi Mordechai Gafni (or whatever name he's going by this week) releases new book Who is afraid of Lilith?


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My PSA: If you're looking for this book and got here through a google search. Check this website out before you waste your money on this child molester's book.

Press Release Source: Bayit Chadash

When the Rabbi Met Lilith
Monday July 11, 9:00 am ET

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Last month, a riveting and controversial text was published by Modan Publishing House in Israel. Together, Rabbi Mordechai (Marc) Gafni and Rabbi Ohad Ezrachi co-authored the book, Who is afraid of Lilith? Rereading the Kabbalah of the Feminine Shadow.

It was met with shock by many readers, as it takes a radical path to understand the fullness of Lilith. Lilith is the mythological figure of the Jewish tradition embodying the fears of men towards the perception of a sexually liberated temptress. Most books focus solely on Lilith's shadow aspects. This book, though, includes the process of Lilith's redemption through a re-examination of Zoharic and Lurianic Kabbalistic sources. The authors recognize not only the problematic aspects of Lilith, but are also attuned to her essential spiritual quality.

The book begins with a scholarly examination of the Lilith character and myth, then turns to other female figures of the Hebrew Bible which represent her many aspects, each one through her own unique story.

Society is used to hearing feminist literature only through the female voice. This book offers the much-needed perspective of the male feminist viewpoint. Hearing the male feminist voice, especially that of a rabbi, is a direct rectification of the past when male rabbinic voices originally created the demonization of Lilith. The book has been published in Hebrew, and the English translation of this modern mystical text should be released soon.

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Rabbi Mordechai Gafni, Director of Bayit Chadash, has emerged as an exciting voice in Israeli and international religious life and spirituality. Rabbi Gafni's work has deservedly earned him the reputation as a modern philosopher and spiritual teacher: wise, compassionate, inspired, and universal.

Ohad Ezrahi, the Rabbi and the founder of Hamakom spiritual community.

Ohad's path goes through nature, Zen, years of learning Torah and Kabala in the ultra-orthodox Hassidic communities in Jerusalem, teaching Kabala in the Yeshiva world, "graduating" from orthodoxy and being one of the leading figures in the renaissance of Jewish liberal spirituality in Israel.

Bayit Chadash is a spiritual community in Israel, focused on reclaiming inner Eros and the wonder of Hebrew wisdom as an essential and vital guiding source in the service of human spiritual evolution and physical survival. For further details on Bayit Chadash activities in Israel or abroad, please email or call us at +972-3-683-972. Visit us online at

Source: Bayit Chadash


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