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Was murderer Rabbi Fred Neulander's chumash put by guards in the toilet? NJ Trentonian publishes than retracts story. Story pulled from website.


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1) Old story - not available anymore

Neulander: Guards made swastikas in cell
The Trentonian, NJ
May 22, 2005

TRENTON -- Fred Neulander, the rabbi from Cherry Hill who is serving 30 years without parole for killing his wife, called The Trentonian yesterday from New ...

2) New story

Sources: Lockdown chaos continuing
Staff Writer

TRENTON -- Sources who say they are relatives of inmates or have other contacts with them at New Jersey State Prison report that beatings and abuse are continuing during the lockdown there.

Also reported -- and confirmed -- was an incident last Friday in which a special-needs inmate set fire to his cell and himself, injuring 20 corrections officers.

"A whole line of ambulances were seen leaving the prison after that disturbance," a source said.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Department of Corrections spokesman Matt Schuman said inmate Rabbi Fred Neulander "insists he didn’t make the phone call" Saturday to The Trentonian complaining that guards had smeared swastikas in his cell and chucked his Bible and Torah in the toilet.

Asked if Neulander was being disciplined, Schuman said, "Not as long as he denies calling the newspaper."

A number of people have called The Trentonian since the Neulander story appeared in Sunday’s editions.

"I have contact with four or five inmates [there]," one male caller said. "And let me tell you this, everything that Fred has said is true, and there’s more. I had three calls from guys yesterday.

"They’ve taken guys out of the cell. They’ve beaten them, cleaning up the blood. What the guards are doing, they’re taking the nametags off and putting their helmets over the face so they can’t be recognized.

"Another very intelligent Jewish guy tells me they’ve destroyed his books. They’re hitting them with the clubs ... One of the guys even said, ‘Please, please pray for us; this is terrible.’ ... When a guy’s pretty hard, and can say, ‘Please pray for us,’ there’s stuff going on.

"Regardless of what any of them have done, and Neulander, they shouldn’t be treated this way. I know they’re hurt. They’re afraid."

The caller claimed corrections officers were "charging $2,000 a cellphone" to supply inmates, and that drugs and weapons were also being brought in by guards.

"It was a good article, and I’m glad Fred came forward," he said. "I don’t know what’s going to happen to him now. But these guys are in danger."

A woman visitor complained her loved one was being "continually abused." "Everything Mr. Neulander said is true," she said.

Another male visitor said "guards are bringing them[cellphones] in for a price. The maintenance staff is frisked when they come in."

Another woman said of Rabbi Neulander: "He’s using the Torah, he’s using the Jewish Bible, and now he’s crying for help? Give me a break. He had his wife killed; let him rot in hell."

Prison Spokesman Schuman said none of the inmates at Trenton had filed a single complaint of brutality or of having their cell defaced.

He said a prison ombudsman is present during each cell search, and that two videotapes are made before and after "to make sure the searches are done in a professional manner."

He confirmed the introduction of cellphones into the prison population "is the number one major problem in the prison community right now."

Regarding the contention that officers were charging inmates $2,000 for a cellphone, Schuman said, "We aren’t going to dignify that with a response."

He said if any uniformed or non-uniformed personnel are caught smuggling in cellphones, "They will lose their jobs. They better not get caught."

Schuman also confirmed the Friday’s self-immolation.

"A special-needs inmate started a fire in his cell, and burned his cell, and himself, and attacked officers."

"Nobody was seriously injured," he said of the purported 21 hurt in the incident. Most officers suffered from minor smoke inhalation and small cuts and abrasions, he said.

The inmate in question was "no longer hospitalized," he added.

He said special needs inmates "require more than normal attention," but that there was "no kind of physicality or brutality" in quelling the incident.

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Neulander: Guards made swastikas in cell
JACK KNARR, Staff Writer

TRENTON -- Fred Neulander, the rabbi from Cherry Hill who is serving 30 years without parole for killing his wife, called The Trentonian yesterday from New Jersey State Prison. He was angry and frustrated.

He said for the past week, corrections officers "have been tearing the place up. They’ve got the place on lockdown. And they’re destroying inmates’ cells, and they’re picking on several inmates in particular. They’re destroying property. They’re on a rampage."

Neulander, convicted in the bludgeoning murder of his wife Carol in their home in 1994, said guards had found several weapons and cell phones in the prison last week, triggering the search.

He said the weapons were "professional weapons from the street that the cops are bringing in ... brass knuckles, professional knives, that can only be brought in from the street," not made in prison.

The rabbi said he had been very reluctant to call, but a friend had allowed him to.

Asked what searchers had done to his cell, he said, "They trashed it. They smeared swastikas on the walls. They tore up my Bible and threw it in the toilet." He spelled out the name of the Jewish Bible, "T-o-r-a-h."

"They just desecrated the whole cell, desecrated my mattress with peanut butter, and destroyed a lot of my religious writings. And they are picking on the Jewish inmates. I’ll go on record with regards to that."

He said the lockdown has lasted a week. Asked if swastikas still adorned the walls of his cell, he said he had wiped them down. He said they had been put on with peanut butter and magic markers.

"They destroyed everybody’s cells," he said. "So it’s not just my cell; the whole prison has been totally decimated. I’m surprised you guys are not on this.

"Listen, I wouldn’t normally call. I got burnt on that Barbara Walters interview [in 2003] for ‘20-20.’ So I normally wouldn’t call. But the situation here in the prison has gotten that bad that I felt I had to call."

New Jersey Department of Corrections spokeswoman Deirdre Fedkenheuer confirmed weapons and cell phones had been found last Saturday.

"They [officers] found pretty much what he was talking about," she said.

She said the prison had been on "a reduced activity status," ever since -- they don’t call it a lockdown anymore -- and that "a thorough and complete search of the institution" was under way --indeed, a sweep of the entire state prison system is being made, top to bottom, to increase security throughout.

Visits to inmates this weekend have been curtailed, she added. "They anticipate those visits will resume early next week," she said.

But she denied corrections officers are using anti-Semitic symbols or behavior against Neulander or any otherinmate.

"Absolutely not," she said. "Corrections officers are very professional. ... I have had no word of anything like that. Please put it in there. I think they are the most professional guys in the business, and I cannot see them being deliberately destructive in any way, shape or form. They’re just doing their job. And their job is to search that prison."

Then later last night, Fedkenheuer called The Trentonian and said officers had gone into Neulander’s cell and videotaped the walls, and interviewed neighboring inmates.

"They found nothing on the walls," she said. "And the other inmates say they aren’t being treated badly."

Fedkenheuer said the crackdown began May 14 after guards found six cell phones in inmates’ cells, and weapons --brass knuckles -- in a common area of the prison.

She said inmates are normally permitted to make collect calls from a personal list of people they’re allowed to talk to.

"The cell phones produce a whole new realm of something to be worried about," she said.

"They can pose a great danger to our officers. They could be calling somebody in East Jersey State Prison, and suppose they had one of the phones that takes pictures, and they can look at secure areas.

Neulander,said he had been at the prison for between 18 months and two years.

"Listen, when you come here, everything is a blur," he said. "The treatment is unbelievable, taking psychiatric medications now and stuff like that, it isn’t easy."

He said he isn’t forced to take the medicines. "They are for depression, anxiety, stuff like that," he said.

Neulander was found guilty in November 2002 of hiring two hit men to brutally beat his wife to death in the couple's Cherry Hill home so he could continue an affair.


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