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Soldier gets 6 months community service for raping 10 year-old cousin over 3 year, victim gets life


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May. 10, 2005 14:44
Serial sexual abuser get 6 mos. community service

A 22-year-old who plead guilty as part of a plea bargain to repeatedly sexually abusing a minor over a three-year period was sentenced to six months of community service and fined NIS 20,000.

The youth, who had sexually abused his cousin since she was 10 years old, was sentenced in the Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday, Army Radio reported.

The sentence was unusually lenient for such a case, Army Radio noted, as the punishment for a comparative sexual offence is generally three years in prison.

The light sentence comes only one day after State Prosecutor Eran Shendar charged the powerlessness of law enforcement was leading to a significant rise in crime in Israel. "The public is increasingly feeling that the law enforcement system gets a failing grade in its war against crime," Shendar said.

However Shendar extended the blame to the judicial system as well. "Courts today are not prepared to deal with the large-scale cases brought against crime organizations. Hearings are often set for months after an indictment is file – sometimes the suspects are held for over nine months [before they are tried], and even then the trials can go on for years," he said.

Soldier gets 6 months community service for raping young cousin
By Zvi Harel, Haaretz Correspondent
Tue., May 10, 2005 Iyar 1, 5765

Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday sentenced an Israel Defense Forces soldier to six months community service for raping his young cousin
repeatedly over a period of two years, beginning when she was 11.

The soldier was also ordered to pay his cousin NIS 20,000 in
compensation. The prosecution had requested that he be given a three-year jail sentence.

In deciding on his sentence, the court had taken into account an
psychological evaluation of the accused, which determined that he had no pedophiliac inclinations, or other sexual perversions.

The evaluation also determined that he had low self-image regarding his male identity.

The psychological examination also found that the soldier had
difficulty sleeping at night, and found the possibility of jail very
distressing. The psychologist said that the trauma of imprisonment would cause him to have a nervous breakdown and could even spark thoughts of suicide.

According to the evaluation, the accused, who comes from a religious background, had been living an observant Jewish lifestyle and serving in an elite combat unit. In the wake of his trial, however, he had been moved to a combat support role with the consent of his superiors.

Following the rapes, the girl began to lose her religious faith, had difficulty sleeping and suffered from recurring nightmares. She also lost all of her hair, and has to wear a wig.

In handing down their ruling, the three women judges wrote that they
intended to send the message that it is not pointless for women to
make a rape complaint, and to show the accused that he is directly responsible for an attack on a child, and for the need to seek her forgiveness.

Kedman: Courts more attentive to accused than to victims The National Council for the Child slammed the court's ruling.

"We are, indeed, obligated to respect the court but more than that we are obligated to respect those helpless children who fall victim to abuse without any defense or salvation," organization director Dr.
Yitzhak Kedman said.

"It is unthinkable that over and over we see that the courts provide no defense to abused children and are more attentive to the distress of the accused than to the victims," Kedman said.

He also warned that the "ridiculous" sentence handed to the IDF soldier gives the message that sexual abuse of children is a minor infraction and that it is enough for the accused to express regret
and agree to therapy in order to evade punishment.


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