Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rabbi J. Hershy Worch banned by the Chief Rabbinate of Turkey from taking any pulpit position, ALSO conclusive proof he is Lunar Moonish


At 5:05 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

JWB has learned exclusively that Rabbi J. Hershy Worch has been banned by local Turkish religious authorities from taking any pulpit".

The reasons for the ban? Read his profile.

He even fled the US for Turkey rather than show up at custody hearings regarding his own children.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Chani said...

Several posts disappeared from this thread within the last few hours. It looks like JWB is busy deleting posts (again) of people who he disagrees with. He is truly pathetic.

At 7:20 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

Simply, the person posting anonymously here deleted my posts on their blog, therefore they should not expect any courtesy from me here.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

People posting links to racist and missionary websites can expect their posts to disappear. As can posters who post irrelevant articles and the same post in every thread.

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Chani said...

Really? You deleted my posts too today, and I don't even have a blog. You are a pathetic liar.

How does it feel to have your posts deleted from someone else's blog? It is pretty ironic, since you have been deleting other people's posts here for months.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

Chani, don't post the same thing in multiple threads or it will be deleted. Don't post links to websites that promote hatred.

I did not delete any of your posts earlier today. You seem to make the same false claim every few days.

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Chani said...

You are so full of crap it is pathetic, buddy. I did not post links to any other website. I did not delete your posts from any blog (I don't have a blog). Stop making excuses for deleting people's posts just because we don't kiss your ugly backside and believe every piece of trash lie that you spew.

I posted the same comment (stating that you are - once again - deleting posts of people who you disagree with) in three threads. This one, the one about Blau and the most recent rant about Tendler.

You are pitiful. No, I take that back. You deserve no pity. You deserve only scorn.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Chani said...

I have better things to do with my time than argue with this imbecile. Rest assured, he will continue to delete posts here.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Vicki Polin said...

I just got the word from a reliable source that the New Jersey Supreme Court denied Lanner's petition for certification.

He was denied permission to appeal to them about the Appellate Division's decision.

For more information on this case go to:

At 8:39 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

Rabbi (Jeremy) Hershy Worch of course is Moonish Lunar who posts stories about graphically sexually assaulting and murdering people on the internet. I would caution readers, these are horrible pornograpic stories.

Webpage that has Lunar Moonish's phone number:

>Moonish Lunar
>Chicago - Illinois
>(773) 761-8734

A google search which confirms the ownership of that phone number (Worch's number before he fled to Turkey and not show up at child custody hearings and ignore his support obligations).
>Jeremy Worch - (773) 761-8734 - 6518 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago, IL 60645 -

An archive of several such stories posted about graphically sexually assaulting and murdering people:


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