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Rabbi Emanuel Rose, Congregation Beth Israel, Portland, Oregon defends child molester, fails to mention wife's 6-figure commissions from him.


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1)Rabbi Emanuel Rose's shul, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.

2) Mysterious meeting with publisher of newspaper that ultimately broke the abuse scandal

>By the end of April, WW had
>enough documentation to publish
>its story. It also learned that
>Tribune columnist Phil Stanford
>had interviewed Susan in
>February and confirmed a portion
>of the story.
>On May 3, Rabbi Emanuel Rose,
>the leader of Congregation Beth
>Israel, where Goldschmidt
>worships, called WW Publisher
>Richard Meeker, whose family
>belongs to the temple.
>Meeker agreed in advance not to
>disclose the details of their
>conversation. Rose did not
>return WW's telephone calls.
>On May 5, Goldschmidt refused
>the last of many interview
>On May 6, he confessed.

3) Rabbi Publicly defends child molester

Goldschmidt story: When enough is enough
by Rabbi Emanuel Rose - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland, Oregon
The Oregonian
Friday, June 18, 2004\

I write this statement as former Oregon Gov. Neil Goldschmidt's rabbi and friend. The entire story that surrounds him now is as incomprehensible to me as
it is to all those who have been and still consider themselves to be his friend, and to multitudes who have been among his admirers from a distance.

His multifaceted talents are rare. There aren't many leaders who have the vision, the directness, the caring, the dreams, the charisma, the brilliance, the true sense of love for this country, the belief that individuals can make a
profound difference.

All these were reflected in his political life. So many of his speeches were spellbinders. Going back many years, we all sensed that here was a man who could rise to the greatest political heights in our land.

Because of his personal dynamism and exciting personality, there were times when I couldn't understand an aloofness that I noticed in him from time to time, but I simply ascribed it to a preoccupation with an upcoming speech or the like. And it may have been exactly that.

His decision to withdraw from political life was a major disappointment because of the qualities mentioned above and because of our own hopes for such a uniquely talented human being. While really none of our business, his withdrawal didn't make sense. Now, of course, it does.

It is hard for anyone to imagine the depth of public humiliation to which he has been subjected resulting from the situation in which he placed himself while he
was mayor of Portland so many years ago.

From what is publicly known, the victim of his behavior has been rebuilding her life, and all of us hope that she will continue to prevail over this most painful memory.

Darkness for her also meant darkness for Neil. Surely the moment came when Neil said to himself: "What have I done?" Knowing Neil as I do, surely that phrase or something similar to it has to have been his daily nightmare -- not alone for
what in fact happened, and the personal internal shame, but also for fear of all the implications for his life were it to become known.

There are those who will disregard and even doubt my reference to his personal
sense of shame, but there are people across our community who live their lives with a daily dose of personal shame whose secrets will never interest the media. Most people are very decent human beings. And sometimes generally very decent
people can do incomprehensible things.

The public fascination with this painful episode is understandable. We reserve
the right to grapple with the failings of public figures, even our heroes. Civic society is affected by the actions of its leaders, and we must confront the
ethical in all that we do.

As Neil's rabbi I am well aware of the trajectory of this story and the toll it has taken both on him and the woman involved. Yet there comes a time when we must check ourselves -- when our distress becomes a thirst for details, when moral concern becomes voyeuristic pleasure, when legitimate interest becomes so bloodthirsty as to be self-defeating and damaging to the public well-being. We have come to that point.

Oregonians have struggled with the meaning of these events, trying to make sense of the story. We need now to move on. We must not become the kind of society that revels in tragedy. We as citizens have an obligation -- and the media have
a particular responsibility to tame our lust for more details, to curtail pointless repetition of what we already know and to avoid reveling in the

Neil has been an unusually fine public servant. His contributions should not be demeaned. He, too, should be allowed to rescue from this tragedy what he can so
that he can move on with his life.

Long ago Neil denied himself a role on the national political scene. We were denied a potentially great leader. He has now been publicly humiliated in all the media.

Neil is engaged in the process of reckoning and reconciliation that our tradition demands of him. We pray for the healing of this woman who has a right to have this episode put behind her; we pray for Neil's family; and we pray that we have the wisdom and insight as a community to know when enough is enough.

Emanuel Rose is senior rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in Northwest Portland, Oregon's largest Jewish congregation

4) Ooops! Rabbi Emanuel Rose forgot to mention the 6-figure commissions his wife gets from child molester.
More nattering from the nabobs of negativism.

newsdesk at

* Rabbi Emanuel Rose has been among Neil Goldschmidt's most outspoken supporters since May, when the former governor admitted sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s. Rose wrote in a June 18 Oregonian op-ed that Goldschmidt (who attends Rose's temple) should be allowed to "move on with his life," but he conceded, "we must confront the ethical in all that we do." The rabbi neglected to mention his financial interest in his friend Goldschmidt's moving on. His wife, real-estate agent Lorraine Rose, represented the Goldschmidts in five transactions worth $4.45 million since 2001, which at normal commission rates would pay her more than $120,000. The Goldschmidts recently placed their Northwest Portland home for sale for $1.65 million, meaning Mrs. Rose stands to earn another $40,000.

5) An example of one of the commissions:
* Maybe he needs a bigger wine cellar? Former governor Neil Goldschmidt has sold his Dunthorpe pad for $1.95 million to Douglas Brotz, who earned his money as chief scientist at the software company Adobe Systems, Inc. Goldschmidt was represented by Lorraine Rose, of Hasson. Laurie Holland, of Windermere, acted for Brotz.
Originally published on WEDNESDAY, 1/9/2002

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so how does this story differ from all the conflicts of interest the Big Money orhtodox rabbis have profited from, destroying reputations and families for fees....and not only in Monsey, the RCA rabbis are right up there as well

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Why isn't anyone asking about the fraud accusations against RMT's accusers (fraud charges unrelated to RMT)?


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