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Jerusalem Post: police suspect that the Israeli Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar was aware of the kidnapping of 17 year-old teen


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May. 15, 2005
Police: Rabbi Amar knew about the kidnapping

The police suspect that Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar was aware that his daughter's 17-year-old suitor was being held in his home after being kidnapped by Amar's son Meir.

Police also suspect that the rabbi knew, at least after the fact, that some of his family members attacked the Bnei Brak boy, Israel Radio reported.

Police officials said that they have evidence that Rabbi Amar knew about these events, but they are not certain that it is enough to indict the leader.

In the next few days, it is most likely that Amar's wife and son, as well as the son's two friends from Kalansua that were involved in the kidnapping, will be indicted.


Last update - 19:36 15/05/2005

Wife, son of chief rabbi due to be indicted in assault case

By Roni Singer, Haaretz Correspondent

The state is expected to file indictments Tuesday in an abduction and assault case involving the family of Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, but he himself will apparently not be charged.

Amar's lawyer, Benny Katz, said Sunday that while he has not been officially notified, the State Prosecutor's Office has apparently decided against indicting Amar, as it does not have sufficient evidence to substantiate its initial suspicion that the rabbi was aware of the assault in his home against his 17-year-old daughter's suitor.

But Amar's son Meir, 31, will apparently be charged with abduction and abuse, and two residents of Kalansua will also be indicted as accessories.

The rabbi's wife, Mazal Amar, will also probably be indicted. The police recommended charging her with conspiracy to commit a crime, since, sources close to the investigation told Haaretz, she knew about the assault.

No charges will be brought against Rabbi Amar's 18-year-old daughter Ayala. The police had recommended charging Ayala with facilitating the abduction by arranging to meet her suitor. However, the prosecution believes that she was coerced by her brother Meir and is a victim in this case.


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