Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Update: Sydney Beth Din to investigate Chevra Kadisha, to see if Tahara being properly done. Wrong body buried. Male body buried instead of female.


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New article -
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 / 12 AdarII 5765

Sydney Beth Din to investigate Chevra Kadisha
Oryana Kaufman

THE Sydney Beth Din, the halachic authority in NSW, will conduct an inquiry into the Sydney Chevra Kadisha following a mistake resulting in the wrong body being buried at Rookwood Jewish Cemetery on March 4.

“The community should feel confident that the Sydney Beth Din will investigate the matter fully. We will ensure that whatever needs to get done will be done to make sure the Chevra Kadisha is fulfilling its halachic responsibilities,” said Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, a dayan (judge) at the Jewish court. “The beth din feels certain that the Chevra Kadisha will co-operate as always,” he added.

The Department of Forensic Medicine (DoFM) at Glebe admitted two weeks ago to releasing the wrong body for burial to the Sydney Chevra Kadisha. However, the DoFM accused the Chevra of not “following the standard process of checking and preparing [the body] prior to burial”.

The body delivered to the Sydney Chevra Kadisha was a male of considerably younger age than the Jewish woman who was 84, according to the DoFM.

Chevra Kadisha president David Ainsworth said the body was not checked by the Chevra Kadisha and a tahara (purification) was not conducted on the body they received.


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