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Journalism and Rabbinic Abuse: SIW of Canonist blog reports he is doing "a very large piece" on this topic for the Revealer.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

Reporter Steven I. Weiss, reports on his Canonist blog
( ) that he is doing "a very large piece" on this topic for the Revealer
( ) which is published by the Department of Journalism and the Center for Religion and Media at New York University.

SIW, without a doubt the innovator of the J-blog, is certainly one of the better reporters when it comes to background research in his articles. I'm very interested and looking forward to this article. I would hope that one of the Jewish press publications or a larger media publication has the sense to pick up this article in their publication.

I've posted my own timeline for significant events in this area:

journalism and rabbinic abuse - "watershed" events

1) 1994 CBC half-hour documentary on Rabbi Ephraim Bryks played nationally in Canada on the #1 evening news program.
- ran twice nationally and twice on local affiliate
- parts were run on the CNN Headline News network
- was nomminated for several and won at least one major journalism award (The New York Festivals' 1994 International TV Programming and Promotion Awards - bronze medal news documentary/special)
- most extensive and expensive journalistic investigation in this area (reprortedly over $25,000 spent producing)
- I believe the first major news expose in this area
- spawned the only documented lawsuit in this area between Rabbi and reporters/news organization (both in Canada and the US)

2) 1996 JTA series - by Debra Nussbaum Cohen
- first major series in this area by a national Jewish news organization

3) 1998 Lilith Magazine
- major profile on Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
- was a key watershed event in this area of reporting.

4) 1999 National coverage in Israel of sexual abuse at the jewel in the crown of the religious Zionist Bnei Akiva yeshivah network and the darling of the parent National Religious Party
- evidence of a cover-up at senior levels of the rabbanut
- was the "Israeli Lanner" case
- a real turning point in this area, similar to Lanner in the US

5) 2000 Lanner
- obvious

6) 2003 Washington Post article on Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg's%20Odyssey
- major article in general media that addresses the wider issue of rabbinic abuse in a way that no general media publication had before

7) 2003 Weinberg
- again journalists played a major role
- major story broken by college newspaper

8) 2003 - Newsday series (6 articles in total) by Stephanie Saul
- 1st series on this issue in the general media

9) 2003 Tendler
- 1st major story broken on the blogosphere, SIW broke this story (unnamed Rabbi at the time) on his Protocols blog in an article about a Makor program

10) 2004 Gafni
- major story that crossed borders, Jewish denominations and medium
- story that was broken by Luke Ford on-line in the blogosphere in a way never done before

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous J-news junkie said...

What made SIW's Protocols blog groundbreaking wasn't the reporting of every negative article on Orthodoxy. It was the linking to a wide variety of articles relating to Orthodoxy as portrayed in non-Orthodox and secular press, articles that ranged from positive to neutral to negative, and helped someone understand how others view Orthodox. Sadly, there is no blog like that today. This blog and Failed Messiah just pick the negative portrayals. Cross-currents doesn't put up the positive ones, for fear of sending people to sites with content they can't control. Town crier does this a bit, but isn't so thorough. We need a Jewish Drudge report- somebody to sift through the stories out there in all the secular Jewish and secular weeklies and select the ones with wider ramifications, or just very interesting. Calling all google monkeys- time to start a new must-read J-blog!

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Journalism is a first step--- lawsuits(both on behalf of victims and to obtain information) is next. Victims need to sue the perps and the organizations that protect the perps, and members of the ou, shuls etc should sue the organizations to obtain information and enforce their membership rights, Lets get going, blogging isnt enough. Take the revolution to the courts.
Step one: now that lanner is away-- the ou must be targeted for legal action. Only way to get Jews is in their pocket book!


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