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Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger questioned by police


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Updated Feb. 20, 2005 11:08
Chief Rabbi Metzger questioned under warning

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger was being interrogated under warning by the National Fraud Squad Sunday morning regarding allegations that he received lower rates from a Jerusalem hotel because of his position.

It is the first time that a chief rabbi is questioned under warning.

On December 15, Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz ordered the police to launch a preliminary investigation into allegations that Metzger received special hotel discounts at the David Citadel's Hotel during the past Pessah and Succot holidays.

Mazuz said last month that Metzger should voluntarily suspend himself.


Updated Feb. 21, 2005 3:32
Metzger investigation in full swing

Yonah Metzger made history Sunday by becoming the first chief rabbi to be questioned by police under warning as part of a criminal probe into allegations he received unlawful benefits from a Jerusalem hotel.

Investigators from the police's National Fraud Squad, including head of the unit Asst.-Cmdr. Miri Golan, met with Metzger at his office in the Chief Rabbinate building in Jerusalem where he was questioned for over ten hours.

Investigators also questioned additional suspects involved in the affair at the unit's headquarters in Bat Yam.

In December, Attorney General Menahem Mazuz ordered the police to launch what he termed a "preliminary investigation" into allegations that Metzger received special hotel discounts valued at thousands of dollars from the David Citadel Hotel during the past Pesach and Succot holidays.

Channel 2, which broke the story, presented a letter written by a hotel employee stating that Metzger's stay in the hotel improved public relations.

At the time, Metzger, who the state rents an apartment for in Jerusalem, claimed he received the discounts in accordance with routine government arrangements.

Metzger, who cooperated with the investigation and answered investigator's questions, reportedly told police he was unaware of the deal his office reached with the hotel, which allowed him to stay there for free.


Mon., February 21, 2005 Adar1 12, 5765
Police quiz chief rabbi about free hotel stay
By Jonathan Lis and Yuval Yoaz

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger was questioned by police yesterday in the ongoing probe into his stay at a Jerusalem hotel without paying. Attorney General Menachem Mazuz approved the summons of Metzger on the basis of evidence already collected in the case, which could be used against the chief rabbi.

The affair broke four months ago when Channel 2 reported that Metzger and his family stayed at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem during Passover, for which he paid only part of the meal expenses.

Mazuz ordered an informal inquiry, and State Prosecutor Eran Shendar concluded that a formal criminal inquiry must be conducted. On the basis of evidence collected, Mazuz then approved the launch of a probe.

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Common practice---distinguished guest, lecturer as part of a seminar in a hotel will receive accomodation free--why make such a fuss. There are many other things that can be levelled against Metzger---including how he, as a rather insignificant Rabbinical leader, ended up as Chief Rabbi. Dont waste time on irrelevancies and common practice.


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