Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rabbi Yaakov Menken: "There is currently little reason to disbelieve the evidence that the universe has a physical age of some 15 billion years."


At 6:44 PM, Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

see full text of Rabbi Yaakov Menken's statement at:
I have read a portion of the book, as well as attended a lecture by the author on this topic (and spoken with Dr. Schroeder afterwards).
Not so the age of the universe, which has been verified
using a number of different means. There is currently little reason to disbelieve the evidence that the universe has a physical age of some 15 billion years.

Material on your website:

1)refers to Dr. Schroeder's article, now removed from Aish website
- see

2) Rabbi Nosson Slifkin articles

My challenge to Rabbi Yaakov Menken of Cross-Currents blog and the kiruv organization

You claim you have permission from unnamed Rabbis to impugn the motives of Gary Rosenblatt for writing the Rabbis Lanner and Weinberg articles, you claim that my comments on your site constitute Loshon Horah, you claim to have authority from these unnamed Rabbis to post attacks on the Awareness Center, on Luke Ford and on victims of Rabbi Eisgrau.

I've cited all the links to Rabbi Nosson Slifkin's material on your website and linked your statement on the age of the universe that well may constitute heresy according to many of the g'dolei door ( see: ).
Why don't you and your unnamed Rabbis publicly address this ban and cherem against Rabbi Nosson Slifkin. Why don't you reaffirm your statement above and your decision to put Rabbi Nosson Slifkin's material on your website.

That's my challenge to you Rabbi Yaakov Menken and your unnamed Rabbis. I will be watching what happens to these links.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken claims he has permission from an unnamed rabbi to publicly impugn reporter Gary Rosenblatt’s motives for running the Rabbi Baruch Lanner and Rabbi Matis Weinberg stories.

Per Rabbi Yaakov Menken:
I will make one comment about the so-called “watchdog” mentality, as applied to a well-known scandal of a few years back. The newspaper editor who “broke” that story insisted that he “went public” not because he wanted to sell papers and enhance his own reputation as a journalist, but because “nothing was being done.”

Then, two years later, he “broke” a similar story after a whole set of steps were taken, and, in fact, the first line of his story was that a Bais Din was about to be convened in order to find out the truth.

This tells you something about the truthfulness of the so-called “justification” for his publication of the first set of allegations. I am not saying that those who should have done better supervision are not worthy of criticism – but I’m saying something about the motivations of self-appointed watchdogs.

The claim of permission from his rabbi to impugn Gary Rosenblatt's motives is being reported by SIW from an email from Rabbi Yaakov Menken at:

“Go consult your Rav to find out when this is permitted; I did. YM”

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Menken has a double standard. His opinion counts and he thinks that yours doesn't.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Investigate this one won't you -

Long hateful article about Slifkin. Meanwhile the editor of the site, one Mordecai Plaut, has his own web site where he is hawking his book, At the Center of the Universe, in which he writes "A Timely Note ",, which seems to me to be pretty much the same kind of thing that Slifkin was saying anyways.


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