Sunday, January 30, 2005

Peter Ferrara of YU University Department of Communications and Public Affairs found to have violated civil rights of employee in former position


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January 30, 2005 -- Composer Leonard Bernstein's "last love" has won a $2 million verdict against New York University Medical Center for firing him because he's gay.

Mark Taylor, who says he steamed over memories of office gay-bashing and taunts like "pansy," got the last laugh last Monday when a Manhattan jury decided in less than 30 minutes that the medical center and a former department head, Peter Ferrara, had violated his civil rights.

"I'm sort of dumbstruck," said Taylor, 44, who earned $91,000 a year as the center's director of external affairs before being fired in 1997.

Taylor, who wrote speeches for the university's president as well as for former medical department chairman Saul Farber, met Bernstein in 1989.

Taylor's troubles began, he said, in 1994 after he was publicly outed as Bernstein's lover in a biography.

Taylor — who had cared for the "West Side Story" composer and former New York Philharmonic head before Bernstein died in 1990 — says he came across as a "gay Florence Nightingale" in the book.

The book also mentioned Farber, who was Bernstein's doctor. It circulated around the office, with references to Taylor flagged.

Taylor says he filed a complaint after being humiliated by Ferrara, but Ferrara continued to make gay jokes. Finally, Taylor said, he was fired when Ferrara was promoted to department head.

"It's mind-boggling this sort of blatantly improper workplace behavior was tolerated," said Taylor's lawyer, Michael O'Neill.

NYU, which also faces possible punitive damages, plans to appeal. Ferrara, who now works at Yeshiva University, denies Taylor's charges.

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I like your efforts, but please get it straight: it was NYU, not YU.


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