Monday, January 10, 2005

Justifying Awareness Center: Rabbi Mark Dratch developer of RCA Rabbinic Sexual Improprieties Resolution & Protocol, got it right in this 1992 letter


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Letter to the Editor:
Reporting child abuse
by Mark Dratch
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
July 1, 1992

David Koulack raises an important concern in his article Child Abuse Has Adults On Guard (June 15). His complaint has merit. Yes, some friendly gestures by adults to children may be construed as something illicit and, yes, there are adults who have been falsely accused of child abuse. Yet in every system which seeks to protect victims there are abuses. Innocent people are falsely accused, and those who will never be victims are caused undue worry. But compare these concerns with the weak and vulnerable position of children in our society, with the recent awareness that there is even such a thing as child abuse, and with the intimidation and psychological trauma of a child when victimized by an adult, and ask if there is a better way. Our children must be educated, even if it frightens them, and vehicles of reporting must be available, even if sometimes misused.

Mark Dratch


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